Always listen to the old woman

It was already dark, the sun was setting in the romantic greek island...I have just seen a remote beach from far above, it looked deserted, lovely, like a dream come true! The absence of lightning didn’t bother me, I started the long walk down the cliff, till I heard a sudden noise, a shout: Where are you going you fool? It's getting dark soon, it's very dangerous, don’t go at that time of day, wait until tomorrow! It doesn’t worth it anyway...It was a very sympathetic old woman, who appeared from nowhere, just to save me from my arrogance and vanity...Maybe she was right, maybe it wasn’t the best time to try this manly thing...

The local old lady told me not to go, she meant well! But, dumb as I am, I didn’t listen to her, and I took my friends, and we start climbing the dangerous descent towards the beach, first thing the next morning! God damn!! It was all in vain!!!!!
The beach was pure bullshit, we had the feeling that everybody used this place to dumb their garbage there...You simply just couldn’t get into the water, unless you had some death wish or something...I should have used my stupid head and just listen to the old woman...She meant well...

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Tangogirl είπε...

Just so you know for the next time you will decide to be arrogant..ALWAYS listen to the local old ladies.Not only will they save your time (or even your physical integrity) but your friends as well!!!!!!!!!

Albatross είπε...

You've got that right, tangogirl! My arrogant self always needs a lovely old local lady to bring it back to earth!
As for my friends, i remember i told them (about the lady), but it seems they also didn't pay that much attention!

tangogirl είπε...

Then i guess that served all of you right!You should have Known better than to be ruthless..


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